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Ten Days to own powerful minds

  • Project Infomation

  • Genre: 2D Hand-painted Animation 

  • Software: Animo5.0, TVpaint, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere, Audition

  • Duration:  A months

  • Team size: 5       

  • My contribution: Team leader, Play writing, 1/4 original painting, Animation composition, Video editing                 

  • Introduction

I hand-painted this 2D animation as a final project for the advanced course Animation Production in my third academic year. As the team leader, I was in charge of the schedule, 1/4 original painting and final editing in Animo5.0 and Premiere. I painted keyframes in Adobe Illustrator by using a graphics tablet and generated animations in Animo5.0 by inputting my keyframes. As for the theme of this animation, the idea came from a phenomenon we observed from the people around us. There is a mistake that we should not make is never to be oversensitive to other people and the surroundings. We should become stronger in mind. 


Story Line: The hero debuts as a very successful young man who writes a book titled Ten Days to Own Powerful Minds. During the talk show, he shares how he becomes so powerful in his mind. But at the end of the story, ironically, he is still that timid, oversensitive little boy that he used to be.

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