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Asset Creation


Team Project for the course:  Advanced Pipeline Topics for Animation and Game Art (53884) by Moshe Mahler. (2020 spring)  

Project Introduction: A traditional Japanese style revitalized world in Unreal

My role: Technical Artist

Software: Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Houdini, Unreal

My contributions: 1.   Model and texture the Tori art asset using Maya and Substance Painter            

                              2.  Generate all the game-ready vine art assets in Houdini and explore the pipeline of doing that. I created the overall 24 different vine assets in the scene. I also created the texture for the branch part in Substance Designer. And for some vines, I did an optimization by mapping the geometry into textures. The ivy is the key point to show the "revitalized" style. 

                              3.  Create a small foliage asset. 

Procedural Destructed Bridge Generator


This is a destructed bridge generator I made for my advanced pipeline course project. The bridge is quite art directable in terms of the way it destructed. We are building a revitalized Japanese style village in Unreal, and this tool can help the environmental artist in my team to set up the environment more efficiently. 

RigidBody Collision Sim

This is a collision practice in Houdini. I used Voronoi fracture and glue adjacent to control the collision influenced area and the different collision pieces density of the collision area.

Blood Running Down - Unity shader

This is a shader I created as blood running down effect for a two-week VR project. 

Particle Effects- Houdini/Unity

Houdini Particle practice: I made the trail animation in Maya, then made a simple Disney style effect in Houdini. 

Unity Particle: Particle effect supports the score moment. I made particles move along different path when scoring. 

Unity Shader and Particle: During a two-week project, we need a spiritual creature effect. So I created a surface shader along with some particle effect around it in 2 days.     

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