Digital image processing

  • Project Infomation

  • Genre:  Digital image processing programming

  • Software&Language: visual studio 2015, C++ CImage 

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Independent work: programming  

  • Introduction

Digital image processing is an Advanced class I attended in my third academy year. In this class, I played with pixels by coding with C++. I learned the concept of color mode and color conversion, algorithm, and coding of digital image arithmetic operations, logic operations, geometric operations, enhancement based on the histogram, smooth enhancement, sharpen enhancement, frequency domain, degrade blur and restoration.  

The followings are some examples of my works.

Input image:

output images of  graying effect




Input image:

output images of contrast adjustment:   

output images of luminance adjustment:   

output image of auto contrast adjustment:   

output image of Local linear transformation:

output image of Global linear transformation:

output image of RGB histogram and accumulation histogram  

output image of exponent:

output image of Equalization of histogram  

output image of  histogram matching:

match image of  histogram matching/input image of  geometric transformation:

output image of  histogram matching(Guassian)

output image of  ripple effect:

output image of  twirl effect:

output image of  sphere effect: