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Graphics dESIGN

  • Project Infomation

  • Genre:  Graphics Design 

  • Software: Adobe Illustrator

  • Duration: several hours 

  • Independent work: design and create


This is an early assignment for my AI Operation class. While creating this graphics, I gave free rein to my instinct and let it decide which color to choose, what line to use, and how to conceive the overall outline. It was one of the most enjoyable creating experiences I ever had. As a beginner then, I just wanted to express my understanding of beauty. There isn’t much meaning in it, just an aesthetic experience in which I did have much fun. 


This is an imitation of the Japan graphic design master Ikko tanaka’s work. I liked its bold choice of layout and color, which created a unique beauty that captured me at first sight. Nevertheless, I didn’t make a one hundred percent copy of the work. Instead, I used different background colors and slightly adjusted the posture of the silhouette. I personally like it very much.


This is my Chinese name in an artistic form. Actually, my name was not appropriate for artistic recreation, given its complicated structure and abstract meaning. But I just took the challenge. So here is the outcome, my Chinese name fitted into a small robot laughing in a cool cloak.

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