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Rick&morty super breakout

  • Genre:  Pinball Game  

  • Platform:   PC 

  • Software&Language:   Unity 5.6.0f, JavaScript   

  • Duration:  One month                     

  • Independent Development

  • Project Infomation

  • Introduction

    Super Breakout Rick and Morty is a small but fun Pinball game made as a final group project in the course Game Software Design and Development. The whole game art theme is Rick and Morty, which is my favorite animated TV series. Making this game has brought me great fun because I converted some interesting plots and stuff in the animation into specific patterns of gameplay and tools. My work included level design and programming.

    All the original art footages were downloaded from the Internet and then post-processed with PhotoShop.

  • Featured Point

    I designed and developed two levels of this game. Each level has its unique elements and mechanics. 

1. level One 

  1. Rick, Morty and Summer with different facial expressions stay on the screen as breaks waiting for you to crash them. 

  2. Mr.Meseeks Box will lengthen the paddle when hit by the little ball.

  3. Exaggerated and funny particle effects.

  4. Appropriate visual and audio feedback. 

  5. Portals can transfer the ball in one second, which adds to the fun of unpredictability

2.level Two

Besides those featured points listed above, I add two new types of break at this level -Pickle Rick and Giant Head.

  1. Pickle Rick will turn into a happy rick face when hit by the ball, so it takes the second strike to eliminate Pickle Rick.

  2. Mr. Meseeks Box will generate another green ball to crash breaks when hit by the little ball.

Guide interface
  • Gameplay Video

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