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  • Project Infomation

  • Genre:  3D Role Play motion-sensing Game  

  • Platform:   Microsoft Kinect 2.0 /PC 

  • Software&Language:   3Ds Max 2017,Unity 5.6.0f,C#  

  • Duration:  Three months                    

  • Team size:  4 (appropriately each person in charge of one level)    

  • My contributions:   UI and level designer of the game; Gameplay programming and Scene builder of Level 1; Team management

  • Awards:   the second-class prize of National Competition of Undergraduate's Digital Media Technology works 

  • Introduction

This was a Beijing Undergraduates Scientific and Technological Innovation Project that I led in my third year at BLCU. Combining Chinese traditional culture and chivalrous spirit with modern media technology, Kinect, the game enables players to vividly feel Chinese chivalrous history in Tang Dynasty by controlling the hero to explore the world in the game. The hero of the game is a young knight-errant who was born in Tang Dynasty and dreamed of becoming a skillful and chivalrous warrior. It's mainline is to accomplish tasks according to a Chinese poetry regarding chivalrous spirit written by Bai Li, the greatest poet in Tang Dynasty.

  • GamePlay Video

  • Concept Design

To produce an immersive experience of the lifestyle in Tang Dynasty, all details, including the outfits swords, furniture and environments, were designed in accordance with real objects of the time. I also made some furniture in 3Ds Max.


Reference Image of furniture in

Tang Dynasty


Duration: 3 hours

Software: 3Ds Max2017

My Work: Modeling,applying the texture

       and light effect

The furniture model I made in 3Ds Max

  • GamePlay Design

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