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A sip in time

2 player Oculus VR game

WeChat Image_20191210143120.png

    A sip in time is a multi-player VR experience. The two players cooperate together to solve the puzzle and unravel the touching story. This game is developed and polished in three weeks by a five-person team. 

    As the gameplay programmer and technical artist in the team, I made the timeline of the bar scenes, which is one of the key clues to unravel the story.  And I made the wine pouring simulation to add the fantasy of drinking in VR. I also created all the glowing outline effects as an indirect control to let players know which objects are interactable.  

WeChat Image_20191210142844.png

Goal in the wall 

multi-player Kinect game

WeChat Image_20191210145742.jpg

Goal in the wall is a Multi-player Kinect game. The game has brought people a lot of fun during the ETC festival when people come to ETC and play the selected games. 


This game is developed in one week. I created the ball trail to follow the movement of the ball. And I made the particle effect emitting when scoring. I wrote the script to control the route of the particle effect.  Show as To more interesting feedback to the players.   

Uncle's kaBoB

magic leap AR game

Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 12.20.10
Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 12.07.53

Uncle KaBOB is an AR experience with the fantasy that you can work at a cool kabob restaurant and making cool kabobs! 

I was the sound designer in this project. I made the background music and vo edition.

The miracle of Christmas

index vavle VR game

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 1.58.04 PM.png

The miracle of Chrismas Eve is a VR experience. It tells a story about a brave pilot to save the airplane by the help of miracle deer appear in the sky during the Chrismas Eve. 

​Based on the project need, I create the glowing and transparent phatonum effect of the deer and the deer's trail.  

​I also wrote the running down blood shader. To show that the guest gets injured by the air crash.    

Blood Running Down - Unity shader

This is a shader I created as blood running down effect for the VR project. 

BVW Round1



This is a horror VR experience that players need to help the little in her nightmare by burning the creepy hands with a torch fire. 

I made the torch fire effect and dissolve effect for the hands.

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