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ETC Festival 2019 projects: 

ETC Festival is an annual event that hosts at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. At the end of the first fall semester, ETC will select featured projects in BVW as a showcase to the people outside of ETC. (BVW is a course that students will team up with a group of 2 programmers, 2 artists and 1 sound designer for 5 rounds. And for each round we create a cutting-edge platform based game in 2-3 weeks ) During the festival, ETC will hosts hundreds of guests, aging from 5 to old, game industry expertise or naive guests, all kinds of different people will come and play the games that we made.


My role is a technical artist and programmer in BVW, and I was so lucky that I got three projects in. It's so happy to deliver the world that we made to a bigger group of players and let them have a good time. 

A sip in time

2 player Oculus VR game

WeChat Image_20191210143120.png

    A sip in time is a multi-player VR experience. The two players cooperate together to solve the puzzle and unravel the touching story. This game is developed and polished in three weeks by a five-person team. 

    As the gameplay programmer and technical artist in the team, I made the timeline of the bar scenes, which is one of the key clues to unravel the story.  And I made the wine pouring simulation to add the fantasy of drinking in VR. I also created all the glowing outline effects as an indirect control to let players know which objects are interactable.  

WeChat Image_20191210142844.png

Goal in the wall 

multi-player Kinect game

WeChat Image_20191210145742.jpg

Goal in the wall is a Multi-player Kinect game. The game has brought people a lot of fun during the ETC festival when people come to ETC and play the selected games. 


This game is developed in one week. I created the ball trail to follow the movement of the ball. And I made the particle effect emitting when scoring. I wrote the script to control the route of the particle effect.  Show as To more interesting feedback to the players.   

Uncle's kaBoB

magic leap AR game

Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 12.20.10
Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 12.07.53

Uncle KaBOB is an AR experience with the fantasy that you can work at a cool kabob restaurant and making cool kabobs! 

I was the sound designer in this project. I made the background music and vo edition.

Other BVW projects: 

The miracle of Christmas

index vavle VR game

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 1.58.04 PM.png

The miracle of Chrismas Eve is a VR experience. It tells a story about a brave pilot to save the airplane by the help of miracle deer appear in the sky during the Chrismas Eve. 

​Based on the project need, I create the glowing and transparent phatonum effect of the deer and the deer's trail.  

​I also wrote the running down blood shader. To show that the guest gets injured by the air crash.    

BVW Round1



This is a horror VR experience that players need to help the little in her nightmare by burning the creepy hands with a torch fire. 

I made the torch fire effect and dissolve effect for the hands.

Previous Work

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