Unity Shader and Tool Practice

Personal Project 

My role: Technical Artist

Anti-Euclidean Box

I created this fun effect by exploring with stencil buffer in shader. 

Mesh Normal Averaging Tool

Outline is created by using the two passes method, and one pass the vertex position will extrude along the vertex normal. The outline will break when there’s a right angle  between the surface. So I created a tool that can help average the normal so we can have a more smooth outline. 

 I stored the averaged normal in the vertex color. So I could access the information in the shader. After implementing the core scripts, I created the Unity Editor Scripts for the averagemeshnormal script. 

NPR Hair shading 

I implemented the Kajiya-K hair antistrophic hair algorithm in Unity. 

Reflection shading

Utilized different mask to create different shading effect on different parts of the model