0:02 Vine generation tool

Team Project for the course:  Advanced Pipeline Topics for Animation and Game Art (53884) by Moshe Mahler. (2020 spring)  

Project Introduction: A traditional Japanese style revitalized world in Unreal

My role: Technical Artist

Software: Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Houdini, Unreal

My contributions: 1.   Model and texture the Tori art asset using Maya and Substance Painter            

                              2.  Generate all the game-ready vine art assets in Houdini and explore the pipeline of doing that. I created the overall 24 different vine assets in the scene. I also created the texture for the branch part in Substance Designer. And for some vines, I did an optimization by mapping the geometry into textures. The ivy is the key point to show the "revitalized" style. 

                              3.  Create a small foliage asset. 


Individual Project 

Project Introduction: Stylized building builder tool for the game engine 

Software: Houdini, Unity

Tool feature: 1. Match the scale with the standard character scale. 

                      2. Generate the building based on the curve input. 

                      3. Randomize decors and windows for each floor 

                      4. Users can adjust window, window props, roof props, door, materials with flexibility. 

                      5. Users can use their own props model as input. 

Blood Running Down - Unity shader

This is a shader I created as blood running down effect for a two-week VR project. 

Particle Effects- Houdini/Unity

Houdini Particle practice: I made the trail animation in Maya, then made a simple Disney style effect in Houdini. 

Unity Particle: Particle effect supports the score moment. I made particles move along different path when scoring. 

Unity Shader and Particle: During a two-week project, we need a spiritual creature effect. So I created a surface shader along with some particle effect around it in 2 days.