Vine Generator (In progress)

This is a vine generator I'm working on for my advanced pipeline course project. The mossy statue model was made by an environment artist in my team. And the middle pic is how it looks after adding my vine. 

The third image, I created the tori model in Maya and working on the surface awareness vine generator in Houdini. In terms of Ancient Japanese Style revitalized village, I did research and looked into an island called Kagoshimain the southeast of Japan. Compared to normal ivy we saw, the vine there has bigger density, thinner vine, and smaller leaf.  I' m learning from previous tutorials and working towards a more art directable style.  

Procedural Destructed Bridge Generator

This is a destructed bridge generator I made for my advanced pipeline course project. The bridge is quite art directable in terms of the way it destructed. We are building a revitalized Japanese style village in Unreal, and this tool can help the environmental artist in my team to set up the environment more efficiently. 

RigidBody Collision Sim

This is a collision practice in Houdini. I used Voronoi fracture and glue adjacent to control the collision influenced area and the different collision pieces density of the collision area.

Blood Running Down - Unity shader

This is a shader I created as blood running down effect for a two-week VR project. 

Particle Effects- Houdini/Unity

Houdini Particle practice: I made the trail animation in Maya, then made a simple Disney style effect in Houdini. 

Unity Particle: Particle effect supports the score moment. I made particles move along different path when scoring. 

Unity Shader and Particle: During a two-week project, we need a spiritual creature effect. So I created a surface shader along with some particle effect around it in 2 days.