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A sip in time 

  • Project Infomation

  • Platform: Oculus Rift

  • Software&Language:   Unity, C# 

  • Duration:  Three weeks                   

  • My contributions: Timeline, liquid simulation, outline effect, collection gameplay 

  • Introduction

A sip in time is a multi-player VR experience. The two players cooperate together to solve the puzzle and unravel the touching story. 

This game is developed and polished in three weeks by a five-person team. As the gameplay programmer and technical artist in the team, I made the timeline of the bar scenes, which is one of the key clues to unravel the story.  And I made the wine pouring simulation to add the fantasy of drinking in VR. I also create all the glowing outline effects as an indirect control to let players know which objects are interactable.  

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