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The shadow dancer

  • Project Infomation

  • Genre:  2D Platform Puzzle Game  

  • Platform:   PC 

  • Software&Language:   Unity 2018.2.0 f,C#  

  • Duration:  Two weeks                     

  • Team size:  5     

  • My contributions:   Gameplay programming, Scene building  

  • Introduction

The Shadow Dancer was an entry for the Tencent College Creative Game Production Festival 2018. There were five of us on the team. We were all undergraduates from different universities, and none of us knew each other before. After two weeks of online discussion and teamwork, we created a 2D platform puzzle game. As the programmer, I worked on gameplay programming and the creation of sprite animations of all the characters with Unity.


Story Line: Cursed by some vicious power, the hero’s shadow is not the figure of himself but a hunted, evil demon. The hero has to find a way to live with the demon. There are six lights in different directions on the screen. Players can operate those lights to control the appearance and location of the shadow demon. Players need to think and try many ways to solve the puzzle so that the hero can keep moving forward safely. 

  • GamePlay Video

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